apa: APA Formatting for RMarkdown Reports

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A wrapper around the *_apa functions, providing a convenient way to use the formatters in inline code in RMarkdown documents.


apa(x, effect = NULL, format = "rmarkdown", print = FALSE, ...)



An R object. Must be a call to one of afex::aov_4, afex::aov_car, afex::aov_ez, chisq.test, cor.test, ez::ezANOVA or t_test.


(only applicable if x is an ANOVA) Character string indicating the name of the effect to display. If is NULL, all effects are reported (default).


Character string specifying the output format. One of "text", "markdown", "rmarkdown", html, "latex" or "docx".


Logical indicating whether to return the result as an R object (FALSE) or print using cat (TRUE).


Further arguments passed to other methods

See Also

anova_apa, chisq_apa, cor_apa, t_apa

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