Man pages for apexcharter
Create Interactive Chart with the JavaScript 'ApexCharts' Library

add_eventAdd an event to a chart
add_event_markerAdd an event marker to a chart
add-lineAdd a line to a chart
add_pointAdd an annotation point
add-shadeAdd a shaded area to a chart
add-vh-linesAdd horizontal or vertical line
apexQuick ApexCharts
apexchartCreate an ApexCharts widget
apexcharter-exportsapexcharter exported operators and S3 methods
apexcharter-packageAn 'htmlwidget' interface to the ApexCharts javascript chart...
apexcharter-shinyShiny bindings for apexcharter
apexcharter-shiny-facetsShiny bindings for faceting with apexcharter
apexcharter-shiny-gridShiny bindings for grid with apexcharter
apexchartProxyProxy for 'apexchart'
apex-facetsFacets for ApexCharts
apex_gridCreate a grid of ApexCharts
ax_annotationsAnnotations properties
ax_chartChart parameters
ax_colors_manualSet specific color's series
ax_dataLabelsLabels on data
ax_fillFill property
ax_gridAdd grids on chart
ax_labelsAlternative axis labels
ax_labsModify axis, legend, and chart labels
ax_legendLegend properties
ax_markersMarkers properties
ax_nodataConfiguration for charts with no data
ax_plotOptionsSpecific options for chart
ax_proxy_optionsProxy for updating options
ax_proxy_seriesProxy for updating series.
ax_responsiveResponsive options
ax-seriesAdd data to a chart
ax_statesCharts' states
ax_strokeStroke properties
ax_subtitleChart's subtitle
ax_themeTheme for charts
ax_titleChart's title
ax_tooltipTooltip options
ax_xaxisX-axis options
ax_yaxisY-axis options
ax_yaxis2Secondary Y-axis options
bar_optsBar options
bubble_optsBubble options
candlesCandlestick demo data
climate_parisParis Climate
config_updateConfiguration for auto update
consumptionElectricity consumption and forecasting
events_optsEvents options
format_dateFormat date in JS
format_numFormat numbers (with D3)
heatmap_optsHeatmap options
labelLabel for annotations
parse_dfConvert a 'data.frame' to a 'list'
pie_optsPie options
radialBar_optsRadial bar options
run_demo_inputRun Shiny input events examples
run_demo_sparkboxRun Shiny spark boxes example
run_demo_syncRun Shiny synchronization example
set_input_clickRetrieve click information in Shiny
set_input_exportRetrieve chart's base64 dataURI.
set_input_selectionRetrieve selection information in Shiny
set_input_zoomRetrieve zoom information in Shiny
set_tooltip_fixedFixed tooltip
spark_boxCreate a box with a sparkline
unhcr_tsUNHCR data by continent of origin
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