Man pages for apricom
Tools for the a Priori Comparison of Regression Modelling Strategies

bootvalBootstrap-derived Shrinkage After Estimation
compareA Comparison of Regression Modelling Strategies
compdistComparison Distribution Descriptives
datashapeData shaping tools
grandpartAccessory Function for Cross-validation
kcrossvalCross-validation-derived Shrinkage After Estimation
loglikelihoodNegative 2 log likelihood
loocvalLeave-one-out Cross-validation-derived Shrinkage
ml.rgrLogistic Regression with Maximum Likelihood Estimation
ml.shrinkEstimation of a Shrinkage Factor for Logistic Regression
ols.rgrLinear Regression using Ordinary Least Squares
ols.shrinkEstimation of a Shrinkage Factor for Linear Regression
randbootBootstrap Resampling
randnorMultivariable Random Normal data
randpartAccessory Function for Sample Splitting
randunifMultivariable Random Uniform data
shrink.heurShrinkage After Estimation Using Heuristic Formulae
splitvalSplit-sample-derived Shrinkage After Estimation
sseSum of Square Errors
strategyAn Accessory Function for Strategy Selection
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