Man pages for arabicStemR
Arabic Stemmer for Text Analysis

arabicStemR-packageA package for stemming Arabic for text analysis.
cleanCharsClean all characters that are not Latin or Arabic
cleanLatinCharsClean Latin characters
doStemmingRemoves Arabic prefixes and suffixes
fixAlifsStandardize different hamzas on alif seats
removeArabicNumbersRemove Arabic numbers
removeDiacriticsRemove Arabic diacritics
removeEnglishNumbersRemove English numbers
removeFarsiNumbersRemove Farsi numbers
removeNewlineCharsRemove new line characters
removeNumbersRemove English, Arabic, and Farsi numerals.
removePrefixesRemove Arabic prefixes
removePunctuationRemove punctuation.
removeStopWordsRemove Arabic stopwords.
removeSuffixesRemove Arabic suffixes
reverse.transliterateTransliterate latin characters into Arabic unicode characters
stemArabic Stemmer for Text Analysis
stemArabicArabic Stemmer for Text Analysis
transliterateTransliterate Arabic unicode characters into latin characters
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