Man pages for arkdb
Archive and Unarchive Databases Using Flat Files

arkArchive tables from a database as flat files
arkdb_delete_dbdelete the local arkdb database
arkdb-packagearkdb: Archive and Unarchive Databases Using Flat Files
local_dbConnect to a local stand-alone database
local_db_disconnectDisconnect from the arkdb database.
process_chunksprocess a table in chunks
streamable_base_csvstreamable csv using base R functions
streamable_base_tsvstreamable tsv using base R functions
streamable_readr_csvstreamable csv using 'readr'
streamable_readr_tsvstreamable tsv using 'readr'
streamable_tablestreamable table
streamable_vroomstreamable tables using 'vroom'
unarkUnarchive a list of compressed tsv files into a database
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