Man pages for arm
Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models

balanceFunctions to compute the balance statistics
bayesglmBayesian generalized linear models.
bayespolrBayesian Ordered Logistic or Probit Regression
binnedplotBinned Residual Plot
coefplotGeneric Function for Making Coefficient Plot
contrasts.bayesContrast Matrices
corrplotCorrelation Plot
discrete.histogramHistogram for Discrete Distributions
displayFunctions for Processing lm, glm, mer, polr and svyglm Output
extractDIC.merExtract AIC and DIC from a 'mer' model
froundFormating the Rounding of Numbers
goFunction to Recall Last Source File
invlogitLogistic and Inverse logistic functions
lalondeLalonde Dataset
matchingSingle Nearest Neighborhood Matching
mcsampGeneric Function to Run 'mcmcsamp()' in lme4
model.matrixBayesConstruct Design Matrices
multicomp.plotMultiple Comparison Plot
readColumnsFunction to read data by columns
rescaleFunction for Standardizing by Centering and Dividing by 2...
residual.plotresidual plot for the observed values
se.coefExtract Standard Errors of Model Coefficients
sigma.hatExtract Residual Errors
simFunctions to Get Posterior Distributions
standardizeFunction for Standardizing Regression Predictors by Centering...
traceplotTrace plot of 'bugs' object
triangleplotTriangle Plot
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