Man pages for arrayhelpers
Convenience Functions for Arrays

array2vecConverting array and vector Indices Calculate the vector...
arrayhelpers-packagePackage arrayhelpers
arrayhelpers.unittestRun the unit tests
colSumsRow and column sums and means for numeric arrays.
countrowsCount equal rows
deloldStrip the attributes keeping track of the former shape
dropdimnamesDrop dimnames if all elements are 'NULL'
ensuredimEnforce array and convert to vector if appropriate
groupsumExtension of 'rowsum'
makeNdEnsure/collapse an array into 'n' dimensions and restore the...
ndimnumber of dimensions
numericindexConvert character or logical indices to numeric
rowsumrowsum for arrays
slicealternative to index an array
stackA little stack.
taTranspose arrays
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