Man pages for arulesSequences
Mining Frequent Sequences

c-methodsCombining Objects
cspadeMining Associations with cSPADE
info-methodsGet/Set Object Information
inspect-methodsDisplay Objects
itemFrequency-methodsCount Items or Itemsets
match-methodsMatch Objects
read_basketsRead Transaction Data
ruleInduction-methodsInduce Sequence Rules
sequencerules-classClass "sequencerules" - Collections of Sequential Rules
sequences-classClass "sequences" - Collections of Sequences
sgCMatrix-classClass "sgCMatrix" - Sparse Ordered Lists of Symbols
similarity-methodsCompute Similarities
size-methodsCompute the Size of Sequences
SPcontrol-classClass "SPcontrol" - cSPADE Control Parameters
SPparameter-classClass "SPparameter" - cSPADE Mining Parameters
subset-methodsSubset Objects
support-methodsSupport Counting for Sequences
timedsequences-classClass "timedsequences" - Collections of Sequences with Timing...
timeFrequency-methodsCount Event Times
times-methodsCompute Time Statistics of Sequences
zakiZaki Data Set
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