ascii: Export R objects to several markup languages

Coerce R object to asciidoc, txt2tags, restructuredText, org, textile or pandoc syntax. Package comes with a set of drivers for Sweave.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorDavid Hajage
Date of publication2011-09-29 11:27:34
MaintainerDavid Hajage <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

align.table: align.table

ascii: Export R objects to several markup languages

asciiCbind: ascii table generator

asciiList: ascii list generator

asciiMixed: ascii mixed generator

asciiOpts: asciiOptions

asciiTable: ascii table generator

as.list.matrix: as.list.matrix

beauty.asciidoc: beauty.asciidoc

beauty.pandoc: beauty.pandoc

beauty.t2t: beauty.t2t

beauty.textile: beauty.textile

cacheSweaveAsciiSetup: A driver to parse ascii noweb files with Sweave tool -...

cbind.ascii: Cbind two ascii objects

convert: Convert a file with specified backend

createreport: Report creation

div: div

escape.asciidoc: escape.asciidoc

escape.t2t: escape.t2t

escape.textile: escape.textile

expand: expand

fig: Insert figure

formatCustom: formatCustom

groups: groups

header.asciidoc: header.asciidoc

header.pandoc: header.pandoc

header.t2t: header.t2t

header.textile: header.textile

interleave: interleave

interleave.matrix: interleave.matrix

linegroup: linegroup

makeCacheSweaveAsciiCodeRunner: A driver to parse ascii noweb files with Sweave tool -...

makeRweaveAsciiCodeRunner: makeRweaveAsciiCodeRunner

ngroups: ngroups

out: Export R objects

paragraph: Create a paragraph

paste.matrix: paste.matrix

plim: format p values

print-ascii: Print ascii object

print.character.matrix: print.character.matrix

print.fig: Print an graph object

print.out: Print an out object

print.paragraph: Print a paragraph object

print.section: Print a section object

print.sexpr: Print a sexpr object

print.verbatim: Print a verbatim object

rep.char: rep.char

replace: replace

RtangleAscii: RtangleAscii

RtangleAsciiWritedoc: RtangleAsciiWritedoc

RweaveAsciidoc: A driver to parse asciidoc noweb files with Sweave tool -...

RweaveAsciiFinish: RweaveAsciiFinish

RweaveAsciiOptions: RweaveAsciiOptions

RweaveAsciiSetup: RweaveAsciiSetup

RweaveAsciiWritedoc: RweaveAsciiWritedoc

RweaveOrg: A driver to parse org noweb files with Sweave tool -...

RweavePandoc: A driver to parse pandoc noweb files with Sweave tool -...

RweaveReST: A driver to parse rest noweb files with Sweave tool -...

RweaveT2t: A driver to parse txt2tags noweb files with Sweave tool -...

RweaveTextile: A driver to parse textile noweb files with Sweave tool -...

section: Create a section

sexpr: Insert an inline R result

show.asciidoc.list: show.asciidoc.list

show.asciidoc.table: show.asciidoc.table

show.pandoc.list: show.pandoc.list

show.pandoc.table: ## escape.pandoc ## ##

show.t2t.list: show.t2t.list

show.t2t.table: show.t2t.table

show.textile.list: show.textile.list

show.textile.table: show.textile.table

sweave-wrapper: Sweave wrappers

tocharac: tocharac

trim: trim

verbatim: Create a verbatim paragraph

vsep.asciidoc: vsep.asciidoc

vsep.textile: vsep.textile

weaverAsciiFinish: weaverAsciiFinish


align.table Man page
ascii Man page
ascii.anova Man page
ascii.aov Man page
ascii.aovlist Man page
ascii.cast_df Man page
asciiCbind Man page
ascii.character Man page
ascii.coxph Man page
ascii.CrossTable Man page Man page
ascii.default Man page
ascii.density Man page
ascii.describe Man page
ascii.describe.single Man page
Asciidoc Man page
ascii.factor Man page
ascii.freqtable Man page
ascii.ftable Man page
ascii.glm Man page
ascii.htest Man page
ascii.integer Man page
ascii.list Man page
asciiList Man page
ascii.lm Man page
ascii.matrix Man page
ascii.meanscomp Man page
asciiMixed Man page
ascii.mtable Man page
ascii.numeric Man page
asciiOpts Man page
ascii.packageDescription Man page
ascii.prcomp Man page
ascii.sessionInfo Man page
ascii.simple.list Man page
ascii.smooth.spline Man page
ascii.stat.table Man page
ascii.summary.aov Man page
ascii.summary.aovlist Man page
ascii.summary.glm Man page
ascii.summary.lm Man page
ascii.summary.prcomp Man page
ascii.summary.survfit Man page
ascii.summary.table Man page
ascii.survdiff Man page
ascii.survfit Man page
ascii.table Man page
asciiTable Man page
ascii.ts Man page
ascii.zoo Man page
as.list.matrix Man page
beauty.asciidoc Man page Man page
beauty.pandoc Man page Man page
beauty.t2t Man page
beauty.textile Man page
cacheSweaveAsciidoc Man page
cacheSweaveAsciiSetup Man page
cacheSweaveOrg Man page
cacheSweaveOrgSetup Man page
cacheSweavePandoc Man page
cacheSweavePandocSetup Man page
cacheSweaveReST Man page
cacheSweaveReSTSetup Man page
cacheSweaveT2t Man page
cacheSweaveT2tSetup Man page
cacheSweaveTextile Man page
cacheSweaveTextileSetup Man page
cbind.ascii Man page
convert Man page
createreport Man page
div Man page
escape.asciidoc Man page Man page Man page
escape.t2t Man page
escape.textile Man page
expand Man page
fig Man page
formatCustom Man page
graph Man page
groups Man page
header.asciidoc Man page Man page
header.pandoc Man page Man page
header.t2t Man page
header.textile Man page
interleave Man page Man page
interleave.matrix Man page
linegroup Man page
makeCacheSweaveAsciiCodeRunner Man page
makeRweaveAsciiCodeRunner Man page
ngroups Man page
Org Man page
out Man page
"package-ascii" Man page
Pandoc Man page
paragraph Man page
paste.matrix Man page
plim Man page
print,asciiCbind-method Man page
print,asciiList-method Man page
print,asciiMixed-method Man page
print,asciiTable-method Man page
print.character.matrix Man page
print.fig Man page
print.out Man page
print.paragraph Man page
print,Report-method Man page
print.section Man page
print.sexpr Man page
print.verbatim Man page
rep.char Man page
replace Man page
Report Man page
ReST Man page
RtangleAscii Man page
RtangleAsciidoc Man page
RtangleAsciiWritedoc Man page
RtangleOrg Man page
RtanglePandoc Man page
RtangleReST Man page
RtangleT2t Man page
RtangleTextile Man page
RweaveAsciidoc Man page
RweaveAsciidocFinish Man page
RweaveAsciidocOptions Man page
RweaveAsciidocRuncode Man page
RweaveAsciidocSetup Man page
RweaveAsciidocWritedoc Man page
RweaveAsciiFinish Man page
RweaveAsciiOptions Man page
RweaveAsciiSetup Man page
RweaveAsciiWritedoc Man page
RweaveOrg Man page
RweaveOrgFinish Man page
RweaveOrgOptions Man page
RweaveOrgRuncode Man page
RweaveOrgSetup Man page
RweaveOrgWritedoc Man page
RweavePandoc Man page
RweavePandocFinish Man page
RweavePandocOptions Man page
RweavePandocRuncode Man page
RweavePandocSetup Man page
RweavePandocWritedoc Man page
RweaveReST Man page
RweaveReSTFinish Man page
RweaveReSTOptions Man page
RweaveReSTRuncode Man page
RweaveReSTSetup Man page
RweaveReSTWritedoc Man page
RweaveT2t Man page
RweaveT2tFinish Man page
RweaveT2tOptions Man page
RweaveT2tRuncode Man page
RweaveT2tSetup Man page
RweaveT2tWritedoc Man page
RweaveTextile Man page
RweaveTextileFinish Man page
RweaveTextileOptions Man page
RweaveTextileRuncode Man page
RweaveTextileSetup Man page
RweaveTextileWritedoc Man page Man page
section Man page
sexpr Man page
show,asciiCbind-method Man page
show.asciidoc.list Man page
show.asciidoc.table Man page
show,asciiList-method Man page
show,asciiMixed-method Man page
show,asciiTable-method Man page Man page Man page
show.pandoc.list Man page
show.pandoc.table Man page
show,Report-method Man page Man page Man page
show.t2t.list Man page
show.t2t.table Man page
show.textile.list Man page
show.textile.table Man page
T2t Man page
Textile Man page
tocharac Man page
trim Man page
verbatim Man page
vsep.asciidoc Man page
vsep.textile Man page
weaverAsciidoc Man page
weaverAsciiFinish Man page
weaverAsciiSetup Man page
weaverOrg Man page
weaverOrgSetup Man page
weaverPandoc Man page
weaverPandocSetup Man page
weaverReST Man page
weaverReSTSetup Man page
weaverT2t Man page
weaverT2tSetup Man page
weaverTextile Man page
weaverTextileSetup Man page


man/ man/show.asciidoc.table.Rd man/ man/replace.Rd man/RweaveOrg.Rd man/RweaveTextile.Rd man/asciiOpts.Rd man/weaverAsciiFinish.Rd man/expand.Rd man/asciiTable.Rd man/show.pandoc.table.Rd man/vsep.asciidoc.Rd man/print.section.Rd man/makeCacheSweaveAsciiCodeRunner.Rd man/ man/asciiList.Rd man/RweaveAsciiSetup.Rd man/trim.Rd man/RweavePandoc.Rd man/print.out.Rd man/sweave-wrapper.Rd man/print.paragraph.Rd man/RweaveT2t.Rd man/show.pandoc.list.Rd man/RweaveReST.Rd man/ man/print.fig.Rd man/beauty.t2t.Rd man/print.sexpr.Rd man/fig.Rd man/cacheSweaveAsciiSetup.Rd man/as.list.matrix.Rd man/print-ascii.Rd man/asciiMixed.Rd man/show.textile.list.Rd man/RtangleAscii.Rd man/ man/groups.Rd man/linegroup.Rd man/RweaveAsciiOptions.Rd man/rep.char.Rd man/escape.t2t.Rd man/verbatim.Rd man/ man/show.asciidoc.list.Rd man/print.verbatim.Rd man/ngroups.Rd man/formatCustom.Rd man/asciiCbind.Rd man/header.asciidoc.Rd man/ man/header.pandoc.Rd man/ man/beauty.textile.Rd man/out.Rd man/escape.asciidoc.Rd man/align.table.Rd man/plim.Rd man/header.t2t.Rd man/ man/tocharac.Rd man/interleave.matrix.Rd man/convert.Rd man/header.textile.Rd man/beauty.asciidoc.Rd man/createreport.Rd man/ man/show.textile.table.Rd man/sexpr.Rd man/show.t2t.list.Rd man/section.Rd man/vsep.textile.Rd man/escape.textile.Rd man/RtangleAsciiWritedoc.Rd man/print.character.matrix.Rd man/RweaveAsciiFinish.Rd man/ascii.Rd man/div.Rd man/beauty.pandoc.Rd man/makeRweaveAsciiCodeRunner.Rd man/ man/RweaveAsciiWritedoc.Rd man/paragraph.Rd man/RweaveAsciidoc.Rd man/interleave.Rd man/show.t2t.table.Rd man/cbind.ascii.Rd man/ man/paste.matrix.Rd
R/ R/show.pandoc.r R/asciiDefault.r R/tocharac.r R/show.t2t.r R/asciiPrcomp.r R/asciiList.r R/asciiDataFrame.r R/SweaveAscii.r R/asciiSmoothSpline.r R/print.r R/asciiSummaryTable.r R/asciiTs.r R/asciiHtest.r R/show.asciidoc.r R/zzz.r R/paste.matrix.r R/cbind.r R/RweaveAscii.r R/asciiEpi.r R/show.textile.r R/asciiGlm.r R/print.character.matrix.r R/interleave.r R/show.r R/cacheSweaveAscii.r R/asciiSurvival.r R/groups.r R/asciiDescr.r R/generic.r R/asciiMatrix.r R/weaverAscii.r R/asciiHmisc.r R/asciiMemisc.r R/export.r R/plim.r R/asciiVector.r R/asciiAnova.r R/ R/asciiLm.r R/asciiDensity.r R/asciiTable.r

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