plot.aspect: Plot method for aspect solutions

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Plot method for aspect solutions


This method provides regression plots and transformation plots for objects of class "aspect", i.e. solutions of corAspect and lineals


## S3 method for class 'aspect'
plot(x, plot.type, plot.var = c(1,2), xlab, ylab, main, type, ...)



Object of class "aspect".


Type of plot to be produced (details see below): "regplot", "transplot".


For plot.type = "regplot" only. Vector of length 2 with variables to be plotted. Either variable names of column number.


Label x-axis.


Label y-axis.


Plot title.


Whether points, lines or both should be plotted.


Additional graphical parameters.


The regression plot ("regplot") provides two plots. First, the unscaled solution is plotted. A frequency grid for the categories of the first variable (var1; x-axis) and the categories of the second variable (var2; y-axis) is produced. The regression line is based on the category weighted means of the relative frequencies: the blue line on the var1 means on the x-axis and the var2 categories on the y-axis, the red line is based on the var1 categories on the x-axis and the var2 means on the y-axis. In a second device the scaled solution is plotted. The frequency grid is determined by the var1 scores (x-axis) and the var2 scores(y-axis). Now, instead of the var1/var2 categories, the var1 scores (blue line y-axis) and the row scores (red line x-axis) are used.

The transformation plot ("transplot") plots the raw categories against the computed scores.

See Also

lineals, corAspect


##Regression plots using galo data
res <- lineals(galo[,1:4])
#plot(res, plot.type = "regplot", plot.var = c("advice","SES"))
#plot(res, plot.type = "transplot")

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