Man pages for assertive.base
A Lightweight Core of the 'assertive' Package

are_identicalAre the inputs identical?
assert_engineThrows an error if a condition isn't met
assertionErrorCondition classes
bapplyWrapper to vapply that returns booleans
call_and_nameCall a function, and give the result names.
causeGet or set the '"cause"' attribute
coerce_toCoerce variable to a different class
dont_stopRun code without stopping
falseFALSE, with a cause of failure.
get_name_in_parentGet the name of a variable in the parent frame
is2Alternative version of is
merge_dots_with_listMerge ellipsis args with a list.
merge.listMerge two lists
naNA, with a cause of failure.
parenthesizeWrap a string in brackets
print_and_capturePrint a variable and capture the output
print.vector_with_causePrint methods for objects with a cause attribute
safe_deparseSafe version of deparse
set_causeSet a cause and return the input
strip_attributesStrip all attributes from a variable
TruthIs the input TRUE/FALSE/NA?
use_firstOnly use the first element of a vector
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