Man pages for assertive.reflection
Assertions for Checking the State of R

is_batch_modeHow is R running?
is_on_os_pathIs the path on the OS path?
is_package_currentIs the installed version of a package current?
is_rAre you running R?
is_r_currentIs this version of R up to date?
is_rstudio_currentIs RStudio the current version?
is_rstudio_desktopIs RStudio running in desktop or server mode?
is_windowsWhat OS is running?
is_xxx_for_decimal_pointWhat does the current locale specify for the decimal point?
r_can_find_toolsCan R find tools?
r_has_jpeg_capabilityDoes R have a capability?
rstudio_version_infoGet RStudio's version information
sys_get_localeGet or set the system locale
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