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Readable Check Functions to Ensure Code Integrity

are_identicalAre the inputs identical?
are_same_lengthAre the inputs the same length/dimension?
are_set_equalSet comparisons
assert_engineThrows an error if a condition isn't met
assertionErrorCondition classes
assert_is_all_ofDoes x belong to these classes?
assertiveReadable check functions to ensure code integrity.
bapplyWrapper to vapply that returns booleans.
call_and_nameCall a function, and give the result names.
causeGet or set the '"cause"' attribute
changesImportant changes to assertive
character_to_list_of_integer_vectorsConvert a character vector to a list of integer vectors See...
coerce_toCoerce variable to a different class
DIMGet the dimensions of an object
dont_stopRun code without stopping
falseFALSE, with a cause of failure
get_name_in_parentGet the name of a variable in the parent frame
has_any_attributesDoes the input have any attributes?
has_argDoes the current call have an argument? See 'has_arg'.
has_attributesDoes the input have the specified attributes?
has_colsDoes the input have rows/columns?
has_dimsDoes the input have dimensions?
has_duplicatesDoes the input have duplicates?
has_namesDoes the input have names?
has_slotDoes the S4 input have a slot?
has_termsDoes the input have terms?
is2Alternative version of is
is_arrayIs the input an array or matrix?
is_atomicIs the input atomic/recursive/vector?
is_batch_modeHow is R running?
is_binding_lockedIs the binding of a variable locked? See 'is_binding_locked'.
is_cas_numberDoes the character vector contain CAS registry numbers?
is_characterIs the input of type character?
is_classIs the input the name of a (formally defined) class?
is_closure_functionIs the input a closure, builtin or special function?
is_complexIs the input complex?
is_connectionIs the input a connection?
is_credit_card_numberDoes the character vector contain credit card numbers?
is_data.frameIs the input is a data.frame?
is_data.tableIs the input a data.table?
is_dateIs the input a date?
is_date_stringDoes the character vector contain dates?
is_debuggedIs the input function being debugged? See 'is_debugged'.
is_diagonal_matrixIs the input a diagonal matrix?
is_dirIs the path a directory?
is_divisible_byIs the input divisible by a number?
is_email_addressDoes the character vector contain email addresses?
is_emptyIs the input empty/scalar?
is_empty_characterDoes the input contain empty or missing strings?
is_empty_fileIs a file too big or small?
is_empty_modelIs the input the empty model?
is_environmentIs the input an environment?
is_equal_toHow does the input relate to a value?
is_error_freeDoes the code run without throwing an error? See...
is_executable_fileIs the file accessible?
is_existingDoes the variable exist? See 'is_existing'.
is_existing_fileDoes the file exist?
is_externalptrIs the input an external pointer?
is_factorIs the input a factor?
is_finiteAre the inputs (in)finite?
is_formulaIs the input a formula?
is_functionIs the input a function?
is_hex_colorDoes the character vector contain hex colors?
is_honorificIs the string an honorific?
is_identity_matrixIs the input an identity matrix?
is_if_conditionIs suitable to be used as an if condition See...
is_inherited_fromDoes the object inherit from some class?
is_in_pastIs the input in the past/future?
is_in_rangeIs the input in range?
is_integerIs the input an integer?
is_internal_functionIs the input an internal function?
is_ip_addressDoes the character vector contain IP addresses?
is_isbn_codeDoes the character vector contain ISBN book codes?
is_languageIs the input a language object?
is_leafIs the input a (dendrogram) leaf?
is_libraryIs the directory a known R library?
is_listIs the input a list?
is_loadedIs the input DLL loaded? See 'is_loaded'.
is_logicalIs the input logical?
is_lower_triangular_matrixIs the matrix upper/lower triangular?
is_matching_fixedDoes the string match a pattern? See 'is_matching_fixed'.
is_monotonic_increasingIs the vector monotonically increasing or decreasing?
is_nanIs the input (not) NaN?
is_nullChecks to see if the input is (not) null.
is_numericIs the input numeric?
is_numeric_stringDoes the string contain a number? See 'is_numeric_string'.
is_on_os_pathIs the path on the OS path?
is_package_currentIs the installed version of a package current?
is_qrIs the input a QR decomposition of a matrix?
is_rAre you running R?
is_rasterIs the input a raster?
is_rawIs the input raw?
is_r_currentIs this version of R up to date?
is_realIs the input real/imaginary?
is_relistableIs the input relistable?
is_rstudio_currentIs RStudio the current version?
is_rstudio_desktopIs RStudio running in desktop or server mode?
is_s3_genericIs the input an S3 generic or method?
is_s4Is the input an S4 object?
is_single_characterIs the input a single character? See 'is_single_character'.
is_square_matrixIs the input a square matrix?
is_symmetric_matrixIs the input a symmetric matrix?
is_tableIs the input a table?
is_tblIs the input a tbl?
is_try_errorIs the input a condition?
is_tsIs the input a time series?
is_uk_car_licenceIs the string a valid UK car licence plate number?
is_uk_national_insurance_numberIs the string a valid UK national insurance number?
is_uk_postcodeIs the string a valid UK postcode?
is_uk_telephone_numberIs the string a valid UK telephone number?
is_unsortedIs the input unsorted?
is_us_social_security_numberIs the string a valid US SSN?
is_us_telephone_numberIs the string a valid US telephone number?
is_us_zip_codeIs the string a valid US zip code?
is_valid_r_codeIs the input valid R code? See 'is_valid_r_code'.
is_valid_variable_nameIs the string a valid variable name? See...
is_whole_numberIs the input a whole number?
is_windowsWhat OS is running?
is_xxx_for_decimal_pointWhat does the current locale specify for the decimal point?
is_zero_matrixIs the input a zero matrix?
merge_dots_with_listMerge ellipsis args with a list.
naNA, with a cause of failure
n_elementsGet the number of elements
parenthesizeWrap a string in brackets
print_and_capturePrint a variable and capture the output
r_can_find_toolsCan R find tools?
r_has_jpeg_capabilityDoes R have a capability?
safe_deparseSafe version of deparse
set_causeSet a cause and return the input
strip_attributesStrip all attributes from a variable
sys_get_localeGet or set the system locale
TruthIs the input TRUE/FALSE/NA?
use_firstOnly use the first element of a vector
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