Man pages for asylum
Data on Asylum and Resettlement for the UK

age_disputesAge disputes
age_of_asylum_operationsAge of asylum operations
appeal_representation_rateAppeal Representation Rates
appeals_determinedAsylum appeals determined
appeals_lodgedAsylum appeals lodged
appeals_non_suspensiveNon-suspensive appeals
applicationsAsylum applications
applications_proccessed_in_6_monthsAsylum applications processed within 6 months
aspenAspen Cards in use
aspen_supportAspen Card-related support
asylum_costs_and_productivityBreakdown of Asylum costs and productivity
asylum_work_in_progressAsylum work in progress
awaiting_decisionAsylum applications awaiting a decision
decision_qualityDecision Quality
decisions_resettlementInitial decisions and resettlement
dublin_regulationDublin regulation
family_reunionFamily reunion visa grants
local_authority_resettlementResettlement by local authority
local_authority_supportSection 95 support by local authority
nrpf_change_of_conditions_ageNRPF - Destitution Change of Conditions Application by Age...
nrpf_change_of_conditions_decisionsNFRP - Destitution Change of Conditions Applications and...
nrpf_change_of_conditions_genderNFRP - Destitution Change of Conditions Applications by...
nrpf_change_of_conditions_nationalityNRPF - Destitution Change of Conditions Application by...
ntsNational Transfer Scheme
oral_hearings_volumeVolume of oral hearings represented by the Home Office
outcomesOutcome analysis of asylum applications
support_applicationsApplications for section 95 support
support_applications_rasiApplications for Support Section 4 and Section 95
support_receivedAsylum seekers in receipt of support
travel_documentsTravel documents
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