Man pages for asymmetry
Visualizing Asymmetric Data

asymmetry-packageVisualizing Asymmetric Data
asymscalexampleAsymscal Example Data
EnglishtownsDistance Matrix of Eight English Towns
hmapHeat map for skew-symmetric data
mdsuniqueMDS Model with Unique Dimensions
plot.mdsuniqueConfiguration Plot for mdsunique
plot.skewsymmetryPlotting method for the skew-symmetric part of an asymmetric...
plot.slidevectorConfiguration Plot for the Slide-vector Model
print.mdsuniquePrint Method for the MDS Model with unique dimensions
print.slidevectorPrint Method for the Slide-vector Model
productsafetyIntercountry Notification of Unsafe Products
skewsymmetryDecompose an Asymmetric Matrix into Symmetric and...
slidevectorThe slide-vector model
studentmigrationStudent Mobility in the Erasmus Program
summary.skewsymmetrySummary method of the decomposition
summary.slidevectorSummary method for the slide-vector model
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