asypow: Calculate Power Utilizing Asymptotic Likelihood Ratio Methods

A set of routines written in the S language that calculate power and related quantities utilizing asymptotic likelihood ratio methods.

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AuthorS original by Barry W. Brown, James Lovato and Kathy Russel. R port by Kjetil B Halvorsen <>
Date of publication2015-06-26 10:55:16
MaintainerKjetil B Halvorsen <>
LicenseACM | file LICENSE

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asypow.constraints Man page
asypow.construct.a Man page
asypow.n Man page
asypow.noncent Man page
asypow.power Man page
asypow.sig Man page
asypow.theta.ho Man page
cdfchn Man page Man page Man page
info.binomial.kgroup Man page Man page Man page
info.expsurv.kgroup Man page Man page
info.mvlogistic Man page
info.mvloglin Man page Man page Man page
info.ordinal.kgroup Man page Man page Man page
info.poisson.kgroup Man page Man page
info.reparam Man page
invlogit Man page
k.blocks Man page Man page
logit Man page
transformPhi Man page

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