Man pages for attrCUSUM
Tools for Attribute VSI CUSUM Control Chart

attrCUSUM-packageTools for Attribute CUSUM Control Chart
getAveCompute ATSs and Other Informations on Attribute VSI CUSUM...
getAve_binomialCompute ATSs and Other Informations on (Zero-Inflated)...
getAve_PoissonCompute ATSs and Other Informations on (Zero-Inflated)...
getContlCompute Control Limits for Attribute FSI CUSUM Chart
getContl_binomialCompute Control Limits for FSI binomial CUSUM Control Chart
getContl_PoissonCompute Control Limits for FSI Poisson CUSUM Control Chart
XtToCtConvert from Data to FSI CUSUM Statistic
zibinomThe Zero Inflated Binomial Distribution
zipoisThe Zero Inflated Poisson Distribution
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