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eBird Data Extraction and Processing with AWK

auk'auk': eBird Data Extraction and Processing with AWK
auk_breedingFilter to only include observations with breeding codes
auk_cleanClean an eBird data file
auk_completeFilter out incomplete checklists from the eBird data
auk_countryFilter the eBird data by country
auk_dateFilter the eBird data by date
auk_distanceFilter eBird data by distance travelled
auk_durationFilter the eBird data by duration
auk_ebdReference to eBird data file
auk_extentFilter the eBird data by spatial extent
auk_filterFilter the eBird file using AWK
auk_getpathOS specific path to AWK
auk_last_editedFilter the eBird data by last edited date
auk_projectFilter the eBird data by project code
auk_protocolFilter the eBird data by protocol
auk_rollupRoll up eBird taxonomy to species
auk_samplingReference to eBird sampling event file
auk_selectSelect a subset of columns
auk_speciesFilter the eBird data by species
auk_splitSplit an eBird data file by species
auk_stateFilter the eBird data by state
auk_timeFilter the eBird data by checklist start time
auk_uniqueRemove duplicate group checklists
auk_version_dateDates of eBird Basic Dataset and taxonomy in package version
auk_zerofillRead and zero-fill an eBird data file
ebird_speciesLookup species in eBird taxonomy
ebird_stateseBird States
ebird_taxonomyeBird Taxonomy
read_ebdRead an EBD file
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
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