Man pages for autoimage
Multiple Heat Maps for Projected Coordinates

autoimageAutomatic facetting of multiple projected images
autolayoutDivide device into rows and columns
autolegendAdd legend to projected image.
automarSensible legend margins
autosizeAutomatically select plot matrix dimensions
blank.plotDraw blank plot
canadaProvincial and territorial boundaries of Canada, 2001
copolyColorado state border
ggautoimageDisplay images using ggplot2
inarccapInterpolated maximum daily surface air temperatures on a...
legend.scaleColor scale legend
narccapMaximum daily surface air temperatures on a grid.
parrowsProjected arrows function
paxesDisplay axes for projected coordinates
pimageDisplay image for projected coordinates
plinesProjected lines function
ppointsProjected points function
ppolygonProjected polygon function
psegmentsProjected segments function
ptextProjected text function
reset.parReset par
rotateRotate coordinates
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