Man pages for autopls
Partial Least Squares Regression with Backward Selection of Predictors

autoplsVALValidate a fitted autopls model
extract.autoplsExtract information from a fitted autopls model
murnau.XHyperspectral reflectance and plant attributes
plot.autoplsPlotting function for autopls objects
postprocessingTest for model extrapolations or interpolations and removal...
predict.autoplsPrediction using a fitted autopls model
predict.slimPrediction using a condensed autopls model
preproPreprocessing in autopls
resetResets the number of latent vectors and the iteration used in...
set.iterSets the run of an autopls backwards selection to be used
set.lvSets the number of latent vectors in autopls objects
summary.autoplsSummary and print functions for autopls objects
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