Man pages for available
Check if the Title of a Package is Available, Appropriate and Interesting

availableSee if a name is available
available_on_cranSee if a name is available on CRAN
available_on_githubSee if a name is available on github
common_suffixesfunction to add common, informative suffixes
createCheck a new package name and possibly create it
find_acronymFunction that finds and returns the first acronym (all caps)...
get_bad_wordsCheck for bad words in name
get_sentimentGet sentiment of name
get_urban_dataget urban dictionary definitions and tags
get_wikipidiaOpen wikipedia page and page
make_spelling_rlikeSpelling transformations
namrSuggest package name
pick_word_from_titlePick word from title
pkg_name_distFind five closest package names in terms of string distance
suggestSuggest a package name based on a development package title...
valid_package_nameIs a package name valid
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