change_week_start: Change the week start of an aweek object

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Change the week start of an aweek object


This will change the week_start attribute of an aweek object and adjust the observations accordingly.


change_week_start(x, week_start = NULL, ...)



a Date, POSIXt, character, or any data that can be easily converted to a date with as.POSIXlt().


a number indicating the start of the week based on the ISO 8601 standard from 1 to 7 where 1 = Monday OR an abbreviation of the weekdate in an English or current locale. Note: using a non-English locale may render your code non-portable. Unlike date2week(), this defaults to NULL, which will throw an error unless you supply a value.


arguments passed to as.POSIXlt(), unused in all other cases.

See Also

get_week_start() for accessing the global and local week_start attribute, as.aweek(), which wraps this function.


# New Year's 2019 is the third day of the week starting on a Sunday
s <- date2week(as.Date("2019-01-01"), week_start = "Sunday")

# It's the second day of the week starting on a Monday
m <- change_week_start(s, "Monday") 

# When you compare the underlying dates, they are exactly the same
identical(as.Date(s), as.Date(m))

# Since this will pass arguments to `date2week()`, you can modify other
# aspects of the aweek object this way, but this is not advised.

change_week_start(s, "Monday", floor_day = TRUE)

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