Get EC2 Instance Metadata

aws.ec2metadata is a package for retrieving Amazon EC2 instance metadata from within the running instance. The package simply contains a single R list, metadata, that contains a number of functions for retrieving metadata from within an instance. Most of these functions return character strings, but some will return lists; they default to NULL if no value is returned.


# get instance id

# get ami id

# check for IAM role (NULL if none specified)
(role <- metadata$iam_info())
# get role credentials
if (!is.null(role)) {

# get an arbitrary metadata item


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This package is on CRAN, but to install the latest development version you can install from the cloudyr drat repository:

# latest stable version
install.packages("aws.ec2metadata", repos = c(cloudyr = "", getOption("repos")))

Or, to pull a potentially unstable version directly from GitHub:

if (!require("remotes")) {

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