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Adaptive Weights Smoothing

awsAWS for local constant models on a grid
aws-classClass '"aws"'
awsdataExtract information from an object of class aws
aws.gaussianAdaptive weights smoothing for Gaussian data with variance...
aws.irreglocal constant AWS for irregular (1D/2D) design
awsLocalSigma3D variance estimation
aws-packageAdaptive Weights Smoothing
aws.segmentSegmentation by adaptive weights for Gaussian models.
awssegment-classClass '"awssegment"'
awstestpropPropagation condition for adaptive weights smoothing
awsweightsGenerate weight scheme that would be used in an additional...
binningBinning in 1D, 2D or 3D
extract-methodsMethods for Function 'extract' in Package 'aws'
gethaniAuxiliary functions (for internal use)
ICIcombinedAdaptive smoothing by Intersection of Confidence Intervals...
ICIsmoothAdaptive smoothing by Intersection of Confidence Intervals...
ICIsmooth-classClass '"ICIsmooth"'
kernsmKernel smoothing on a 1D, 2D or 3D grid
kernsm-classClass '"kernsm"'
lpawsLocal polynomial smoothing by AWS
nlmeansNLMeans filter in 1D/2D/3D
pawsAdaptive weigths smoothing using patches
plot-methodsMethods for Function 'plot' from package 'graphics' in...
print-methodsMethods for Function 'print' from package 'base' in Package...
qmeasuresQuality assessment for image reconstructions.
risk-methodsCompute risks characterizing the quality of smoothing results
show-methodsMethods for Function 'show' in Package 'aws'
smooth3DAuxiliary 3D smoothing routines
smse3msAdaptive smoothing in orientation space SE(3)
summary-methodsMethods for Function 'summary' from package 'base' in Package...
TV_denoisingTV/TGV denoising of image data
vawsvector valued version of function 'aws' The function...
vpawsvector valued version of function 'paws' with homogeneous...
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