Man pages for balance
Visualize Balances of Compositional Data

balanceCalculate and Visualize Balances
balance.combineCombine Two Sub-Plots
balance.fromContrastTransform Samples with the ilr of a Balance
balance.fromSBPCompute Balances from an SBP Matrix
balance.plotCalculate and Visualize Balances
bplot-classA pba model S4 class
packageCheckPackage Check
pbaPrincipal Balance Analysis
sbp.fromABABuild SBP Matrix of "Anti-Principal Balances"
sbp.fromADBABuild SBP Matrix of "Anti-Principal Discriminant Balances"
sbp.fromHclustBuild SBP Matrix from hclust Object
sbp.fromPBABuild SBP Matrix of Principal Balances
sbp.fromPDBABuild SBP Matrix of "Principal Discriminant Balances"
sbp.fromPropdBuild SBP Matrix of "Anti-Principal Discriminant Balances"
sbp.fromRandomBuild SBP Matrix from Random Tree
sbp.sortSort SBP Matrix
sbp.subsetSubset SBP Matrix
ssBetweenCalculate Between-Group Log-ratio Sums of Squares
ssWithinCalculate Within-Group Log-ratio Sums of Squares
vlrCalculate Log-ratio Variance
wide2longMake Long Data from Wide Data
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