Training Dataset

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This training dataset gives the names, the primary structure (amino acid sequences), and the secondary structure of 15,201 individual proteins from the ASTRAL SCOP 1.75 structure set filtered at 95% sequence identity as used in the paper cited below.




A data frame containing 15,201 observations on the following 3 variables.

  1. name: protein name;

  2. primary: protein primary structure (amino acid sequence) in 20 letters denoting the 20 amino acids;

  3. hetc: secondary structure in 4 letters denoting the 4 structure types: helix (H), strand (E), turn (T) and coil (C).


Chandonia JM, Hon G, Walker NS, Conte LL, Koehl P, et al. (2004) The astral compendium in 2004. Nucleic Acids Research 32: D189-D192


Q. Li, D. B. Dahl, M. Vannucci, H. Joo, J. W. Tsai (2014), Bayesian Model of Protein Primary Sequence for Secondary Structure Prediction, PLOS ONE, 9(10), e109832. <DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0109832>

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