Man pages for bamlss
Bayesian Additive Models for Location, Scale, and Shape (and Beyond)

AR1_transformAR1 Transformer Function
AustriaAustria States and Topography
bamlssFit Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape...
bamlss.engine.helpersBAMLSS Engine Helper Functions
bamlss.engine.setupBAMLSS Engine Setup Function
bamlss.formulaFormulae for BAMLSS
bamlss.frameCreate a Model Frame for BAMLSS
bamlss-packageBayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and...
BayesXMarkov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS using 'BayesX'
bbfitBatchwise Backfitting
bboostBootstrap Boosting
bfitFit BAMLSS with Backfitting
boostBoosting BAMLSS
c95Compute 95% Credible Interval and Mean
coef.bamlssExtract BAMLSS Coefficients
colorlegendPlot a Color Legend
continueContinue Sampling
cox.mcmcCox Model Markov Chain Monte Carlo
cox.modeCox Model Posterior Mode Estimation
cox.predictCox Model Prediction
CrazyCrazy simulated data
CRPSContinuous Rank Probability Score
ddnnDeep Distributional Neural Network
DICDeviance Information Criterion
enginesShow Available Engines for a Family Object
family.bamlssDistribution Families in 'bamlss'
fatalitiesWeekly Number of Fatalities in Austria
fitted.bamlssBAMLSS Fitted Values
GAMartGAM Artificial Data Set
gamlss_distributionsExtract Distribution families of the 'gamlss.dist' Package
GEFCom2014GEFCom2014 Electricity Load Data
gFGet a BAMLSS Family
GMCMCGeneral Markov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS
GolfPrices of Used Cars Data
homstart_dataHOMSTART Precipitation Data
isgdImplicit Stochastic Gradient Descent Optimizer
JAGSMarkov Chain Monte Carlo for BAMLSS using JAGS
jm_bamlssFit Flexible Additive Joint Models
krKriging Smooth Constructor
lassoLasso Smooth Constructor
linLinear Effects for BAMLSS
LondonFireLondon Fire Data
model.frame.bamlssBAMLSS Model Frame
model.matrix.bamlss.frameConstruct/Extract BAMLSS Design Matrices
MVNORMCreate Samples for BAMLSS by Multivariate Normal...
nNeural Networks for BAMLSS
neighbormatrixCompute a Neighborhood Matrix from Spatial Polygons
parametersExtract or Initialize Parameters for BAMLSS
pathplotPlot Coefficients Paths
plot2dPlot 2D Effects
plot3dPlot 3D Effects
plot.bamlssPlotting BAMLSS
plotblockFactor Variable and Random Effects Plots
plotmapPlot Maps
predict.bamlssBAMLSS Prediction
randomizeTransform Smooth Constructs to Random Effects
rbRandom Bits for BAMLSS
residuals.bamlssCompute BAMLSS Residuals
response_nameExtract the reponse name of a 'bamlss.frame' object.
results.bamlss.defaultCompute BAMLSS Results for Plotting and Summaries
rmfRemove Special Characters
s2Special Smooths in BAMLSS Formulae
samplesExtract Samples
samplestatsSampling Statistics
scale2Scaling Vectors and Matrices
shortcutsSome Shortcuts
simJMSimulate longitudinal and survival data for joint models
simSurvSimulate Survival Times
sliceplotPlot Slices of Bivariate Functions
smooth_checkMCMC Based Simple Significance Check for Smooth Terms
smooth.constructConstructor Functions for Smooth Terms in BAMLSS constructor for monotonic P-splines
srRandom Effects P-Spline
stabselStability selection.
summary.bamlssSummary for BAMLSS
Surv2Create a Survival Object for Joint Models
surv.transformSurvival Model Transformer Function
terms.bamlssBAMLSS Model Terms
topmodelsCreate 'distributions3' Object
VolcanoArtificial Data Set based on Auckland's Maunga Whau Volcano
WAICWatanabe-Akaike Information Criterion (WAIC)
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