Man pages for banter
BioAcoustic eveNT classifiER

addBanterDetectorAdd a BANTER Detector Model
banter_detector-classDetector classification model
banterGuideBANTER Guide
banter_model-classEvents classification model
banter-packageBioAcoustic EveNT ClassifiER
getBanterModelExtract Random Forest Model
getBanterModelDataExtract Random Forest Model Data
getDetectorNamesDetector Names
getSampSizeSample Size
initBanterModelInitialize BANTER model
internalsDetector randomForest function
modelPctCorrectModel Percent Correct
numCallsNumber and Proportion of Calls
numEventsNumber of Events
plotDetectorTracePlot BANTER Detector Traces
predictPredict BANTER events
runBanterModelRun BANTER Model
subsampleDetectionsSubsample Detections
summaryBANTER Classifier Model Summary
test.dataTesting events and detectors
train.dataTraining events and detectors
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