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Sabermetrics and Advanced Baseball Statistics

BABatting: Calculate batting average
BABIPBatting: Calculate batting average on balls in play (BABIP)
baseballDBRbaseballDBR: A package for working with data from the...
Batting2016A sample subset of the Batting table from the Baseball...
BB_9Pitching: Calculate walks per nine innings
BBpctBatting: Calculate base on ball percentage
ChFielding: Calculate defensive chances
CTpctBatting: Calculate a batter's contact rate
Fielding2016A sample subset of the Fielding table from the Baseball...
FIPPitching: Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP)
fip_valuesReturn FIP constants per season
Fld_pctFielding: Calculate batting average
get_bbdbGet an up to date copy of the Baseball Databank.
H_9Pitching: Calculate Hits per Nine innings
HR_9Pitching: Calculate Home Runs per Nine innings
HRpctBatting: Calculate home run percentage
IPPitching: Calculate the innings pitched
ISOBatting: Calculate ISO for batters
K_9Pitching: Calculate Strikes per Nine innings
KpctBatting: Calculate strikeout percentage
LOB_pctPitching: Calculate the left on base percentage
OBPBatting: Calculate on base percentage (OBP)
OPSBatting: Calculate on base percentage plus slugging (OPS)
PABatting: Calculate plate appearances for batters
pipePipe operator
Pitching2016A sample subset of the Pitching table from the Baseball...
RC2002Batting: Calculate Runs Created using the updated 2002...
RCbasicBatting: Calculate Runs Created using the basic formula.
RCtechBatting: Calculate Runs Created using the technical formula.
seasonAVGLeague averages and aggregates from 1901 to present.
SLGBatting: Calculate slugging percentage (SLG)
TBsBatting: Calculate a batter's total bases
WHIPPitching: Calculate Walks plus Hits per Innings Pitched
wOBABatting: Calculate Weighted On-Base Average (wOBA)
wOBA_valuesReturn wOBA values per season
wRAABatting: Calculate Weighted Runs Above Average (wRAA)
wRCBatting: Calculate Weighted Runs Created (wRC)
XBHpctBatting: Calculate extra base percentage
XBperHBatting: Calculate extra base per hit
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