basicspace: Recovering a Basic Space from Issue Scales

Conducts Aldrich-McKelvey and Blackbox Scaling to Recover Latent Dimensions of Judgment.

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AuthorKeith Poole <>, Howard Rosenthal <>, Jeffrey Lewis <>, James Lo <> and Royce Carroll <>
Date of publication2016-07-29 13:35:38
MaintainerJames Lo <>

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Man pages

aldmck: Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling

blackbox: Blackbox Scaling

blackbox_transpose: Blackbox transpose Scaling

boot_aldmck: Bootstrap of Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling

bootbbt: Blackbox Transpose Bootstrap of 1980 Liberal-Conservative...

boot_blackbt: Bootstrap of Blackbox Transpose Scaling

colombia: 2004 PELA Liberal-Conservative Scales.

fit: Extraction function for fit of scaling model

individuals: Extraction function for scaled individuals

Issues1980: 1980 Issues Scakes

Issues1980_bb: Blackbox Estimate, 1980 NES Issue Scales.

LC1980: 1980 Liberal-Conservative Scales.

LC1980_bbt: Blackbox Transpose Estimate, 1980 Liberal-Conservative...

plot.aldmck: Aldrich-McKelvey Coordinate Distribution Plot

plot.aldmck_negative: Aldrich-McKelvey Negative Coordinate Distribution Plot

plot.aldmck_positive: Aldrich-McKelvey Positive Coordinate Distribution Plot

plot.AM: Aldrich-McKelvey Coordinate Distribution Plot

plot.blackbox: Blackbox Coordinate Distribution Plot

plot.blackbt: Blackbox Transpose Coordinate Distribution Plot

plot.boot_aldmck: Bootstrapped Aldrich-McKelvey Stimulus Plots

plot.boot_blackbt: Bootstrapped Blackbox Transpose Stimulus Plots

plot.cdf: Aldrich-McKelvey Coordinate Cumulative Distribution Plot

plotcdf.blackbt: Blackbox Transpose Coordinate Cumulative Distribution Plot

predict.aldmck: Predict method of aldmck objects

predict.blackbox: Predict method of blackbox objects

predict.blackbt: Predict method of blackbt objects

stimuli: Stimulus extraction function

summary.aldmck: Aldrich-McKelvey Summary

summary.blackbox: Blackbox Summary

summary.blackbt: Blackbox-Transpose Summary


aldmck Man page
blackbox Man page
blackbox_transpose Man page
boot_aldmck Man page
bootbbt Man page
boot_blackbt Man page
colombia Man page
fit Man page
individuals Man page
Issues1980 Man page
Issues1980_bb Man page
LC1980 Man page
LC1980_bbt Man page
plot.aldmck Man page
plot.aldmck_negative Man page
plot.aldmck_positive Man page
plot.AM Man page
plot.blackbox Man page
plot.blackbt Man page
plot.boot_aldmck Man page
plot.boot_blackbt Man page
plot.cdf Man page
plotcdf.blackbt Man page
predict.aldmck Man page
predict.blackbox Man page
predict.blackbt Man page
stimuli Man page
summary.aldmck Man page
summary.blackbox Man page
summary.blackbt Man page

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