Man pages for bayesAB
Fast Bayesian Methods for AB Testing

banditizeCreate a multi-armed Bayesian bandit object.
bayesABbayesAB: Fast Bayesian Methods for A/B Testing
bayesTestFit a Bayesian model to A/B test data.
c.bayesTestConcatenate bayesTest objects
combineCombine two 'bayesAB' objects given a binary function.
deployBanditDeploy a bayesBandit object as a JSON API.
grabGrab the supplied posterior from a bayesTest object
plot.bayesTestPlot bayesTest objects
plotBetaPlot the PDF of the Beta distribution.
plotDistributionsPlot distributions to explore data and/or choose priors.
plotGammaPlot the PDF of the Gamma distribution.
plotInvGammaPlot the PDF of the Inverse Gamma distribution.
plotLogNormalPlot the PDF of the Log Normal distribution.
plotNormalPlot the PDF of the Normal distribution.
plotNormalInvGammaPlot the bivariate PDF of the Normal Inverse Gamma...
plotParetoPlot the PDF of the Pareto distribution.
plotPoissonPlot the PDF of the Poisson distribution.
renameRename the posterior for a bayesTest object
summary.bayesTestSummarize bayesTest objects
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