bayesMCClust: Mixtures-of-Experts Markov Chain Clustering and Dirichlet Multinomial Clustering

This package provides various Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) sampler for model-based clustering of discrete-valued time series obtained by observing a categorical variable with several states (in a Bayesian approach). In order to analyze group membership, we provide also an extension to the approaches by formulating a probabilistic model for the latent group indicators within the Bayesian classification rule using a multinomial logit model.

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AuthorChristoph Pamminger <>
Date of publication2012-01-31 10:57:02
MaintainerChristoph Pamminger <>

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Man pages

bayesMCClust-package: Mixtures-of-Experts Markov Chain Clustering and Dirichlet...

calcAllocations: Computes Group Sizes, Group Membership and Individual...

calcEntropy: Calculates the Entropy of a Given Classification

calcEquiDist: Calculates (And Plots) the Stationary Distribution (Steady...

calcLongRunDist: Calculates And Plots the Long-Run Distribution Over the...

calcMSCrit: Calculates Model Selection Criteria For Several (Independent)...

calcNumEff: Calculates Inefficiency Factors of the MCMC Draws Obtained...

calcParMatDMC: Calculates the Posterior Expectation of the Cluster-Specific...

calcRegCoeffs: Calculates Posterior Expectations, Standard Deviations and...

calcSegmentationPower: Calculates the 'Segmentation Power' of the Specified...

calcTransProbs: Calculates the Posterior Expectation and Standard Deviations...

calcVariationDMC: Analyses How Much Unobserved Heterogeneity Is Present in the...

dmClustering: Dirichlet Multinomial Clustering With And Without...

LMEntryPaperData: Data From Fruehwirth-Schnatter et al. (2011): "Labor market...

MCCExampleData: A Small MCC/DMC Example Data Set

MCCExtExampleData: An Extended MCC/DMC Example Data Set Including Covariates

mcClustering: Markov Chain Clustering With And Without Mixtures-of-Experts...

MNLAuxMix: Bayesian Multinomial Logit Regression Using Auxiliary Mixture...

plotLikeliPaths: Plots Paths of Likelihoods And (Prior) Densities

plotScatter: Produces Scatter Plots of MCMC Draws

plotTransProbs: Produces Balloon Plots and LaTeX-Style Tables of the...

plotTypicalMembers: Plots Time Series of 'Typical' Group Members

transformDataToNjki: Transform Markov Chain (Time Series) Data Into Transition...


bayesMCClust Man page
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calcAllocations Man page
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calcEntropy Man page
calcEquiDist Man page
calcLongRunDist Man page
calcMSCrit Man page
calcMSCritDMC Man page
calcMSCritDMCExt Man page
calcMSCritMCC Man page
calcMSCritMCCExt Man page
calcNumEff Man page
calcParMatDMC Man page
calcRegCoeffs Man page
calcSegmentationPower Man page
calcTransProbs Man page
calcVariationDMC Man page
dataFrameToNjki Man page
dataListToNjki Man page
dmClust Man page
dmClustering Man page
dmClustExtended Man page
LMEntryPaperData Man page
MCCExampleData Man page
MCCExtExampleData Man page
mcClust Man page
mcClustering Man page
mcClustExtended Man page
MNLAuxMix Man page
plotLikeliPaths Man page
plotScatter Man page
plotTransProbs Man page
plotTypicalMembers Man page
transformDataToNjki Man page

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