Man pages for bayesPop
Probabilistic Population Projection

age.specific.migrationReconstruction of Sex- and Age-specific Migration
bayesPop-internalInternal Functions and datasets of bayesPop
bayesPop-packageProbabilistic Population Projection
cohortsExtracting and Plotting Cohort Data
expressionsExpressions as used in Population Plot Functions
get.countries.tableAccessing Country Information
get.popAccessing Trajectories
get.pop.predictionAccessing Prediction Object
LifeTableMxLife Table Functions
MLTbxDataset on Lee-Carter bx for Modeled Countries
pop.aggregateAggregation of Population Projections
pop.mapWorld Map of Population Measures
pop.pyramidProbabilistic Population Pyramid
pop.trajectories.plotOutput of Probabilistic Population Projection
pop.write.projection.summaryWriting Projection Summary Files
predict.popProbabilistic Population Projection
project.pasfrProjections of Percent Age-Specific Fertily Rate
specific_expressionsExpression Generator
summary.bayesPop.predictionSummary of Probabilistic Population Projection
vwBaseYearDatasets on Migration Base Year and Type, and Mortality and...
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