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Beta Regression on a Bayesian Model

AIC_bayesbrAkaike Information Criterion
bayesbrBayesian Beta Regression with RStan
bayesbr_appThe bayesbr Application
bayesbr-packagebayesbr: A package for Bayesian Beta Regression
BIC_bayesbrBayesian Information Criterion
bodyfatPercentage of Body Fat
CarTaskProbability Judgment for Car Dealership with Partition
DIC_bayesbrDeviance Information Criterion
envelopeEnvelope Graph: Residuals vs Half-Normal Values
fitted.valuesFitted Values for Theta on Beta Regression
FoodExpenditureSpending on Food by Household Income
formulaFormula Variables
GasolineYieldEstimation of Gasoline Yields from Crude Oil
ImpreciseTaskImprecise Probabilities for Sunday Weather and Boeing Stock...
logLik.bayesbrModel Log Likelihood for 'bayesbr' Objects
loglikPlotPlot Chain of Loglik Using GGplot
MockJurorsMock Jurors' Confidence in Their Verdicts
model.bayesbrMatrix with All Variables for 'bayesbr' Objects
model_frameModel Matrix/Frame with All Variables for 'bayesbr' Objects
model_matrixModel Matrix/Frame with All Variables for 'bayesbr' Objects
pmsePrediction Mean Squared Error in a Beta Regression on a...
predict.bayesbrPrediction Method for 'bayesbr' Objects
print.bayesbrPrint for 'bayesbr' Objects
pseudo.r.squaredPseudo R Squared Calculate
ReadingSkillsDyslexia and IQ Predicting Reading Accuracy
residuals.bayesbrResiduals for 'bayesbr' Objects
StressAnxietyDependency of Anxiety on Stress
summary.bayesbrSummary for 'bayesbr' Objects
summary_deltaCoefficients for deltas
summary_meanVariable Coefficients for Theta
summary_precisionVariable Coefficients for Zeta
summary_tau_deltaCoefficients for tau_delta
summary_tau_xiCoefficients for tau_xi
summary_xiCoefficients for xis
valuesValues of a Posteriori Distribution
WeatherTaskPrecise and Imprecise Probabilities and Priming for Weather...
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