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Miscellaneous Basic Functions

almost.equalTest (almost) equality of numeric values
almost.uniqueAlmost unique elements
almost.zeroTest if values of a vector are almost zero
as.emptyConvert to an empty object
as.funConvert object to function
as.naTransform values to NA
bazarbazar: miscellaneous basic functions
concatString concatenation
CopyCopy data to the clipboard
eraseDelete objects
get_all_funsFunctions exported by a package
get_all_pkgsPackages exporting a function
get_varsGet formula variables
grapes-nin-grapesValue matching
is.emptyTest emptyness
is.formulaTest if an object is a formula
isNATest if NA
is.wholenumberTest if the values of a vector are whole numbers
library_with_depLoading/Attaching and listing of packages with dependencies
mgsubMultiple gsub
nlistNamed lists
normalizeNormalize a numeric vector
pauseHave a rest, make a pause
rle2Run length encoding (modified version)
rollfunMoving windows with custom function
sessionPackagesShows packages attached to the current R session
stopifEnsure that R expressions are false
sumNAModified sum of vector elements
ternary_operationIf-Then-Else ternary operator
topTop or bottom element of an object
trimRemoves extra whitespaces from a string
unwhichQuasi-inverse of the 'which' function
verlanBack slang
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