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qcc is a package for statistical process control and control charts built based on the qcc package, with new functions allowing the use of beta control charts.

This package allows the user to:

As the package uses the qcc package as the basis for building the graphics, all qcc functions and utilities also work on bcc. For more informations please consider visiting


You can use bcc in two basic ways:

Beta Charts

Beta Chart for discrete data

bcc(data=Montgomery2005$Defective, sizes = Montgomery2005$Sample, type=1)

Beta chart for continuos data

bcc(data = Drapper1998data, type = "2")


Montgomery, D.C. (2009) Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, 6th ed. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Scrucca, L. (2004) qcc: an R package for quality control charting and statistical process control. R News 4/1, 11-17.

SANT'ANNA, Ângelo M. O; CATEN, Carla Schwengber ten. Beta control charts forsave monitoring fraction data. Expert Systems With Applications, p. 10236-10243. 1 set. 2012.

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