Man pages for bcmaps
Map Layers and Spatial Utilities for British Columbia

add_license_headerAdd the boilerplate Apache header to the top of a source code...
airzonesBritish Columbia Air Zones
available_layersList available data layers
bc_areaThe size of British Columbia
bc_bboxGet an extent/bounding box for British Columbia
bc_boundBC Boundary
bc_bound_hresBC Boundary - High Resolution
bc_citiesBC Major Cities Points
bcmapsbcmaps: A data package providing various map layers for...
bc_neighboursBoundary of British Columbia, provinces/states and the...
becBritish Columbia BEC Map
bec_coloursBiogeoclimatic Zone Colours
cdedCanadian Digital Elevation Model (CDED)
cded_rasterGet Canadian Digital Elevation Model (CDED) as a 'raster'...
cded_starsGet Canadian Digital Elevation Model (CDED) as a 'stars'...
census_dissemination_areaCurrent Census Dissemination Areas
census_divisionCurrent Census Division Boundaries
census_economicCurrent Census Economic Region Boundaries
census_metropolitan_areaCurrent Census Metropolitan Areas
census_subdivisionCurrent Census Subdivision Boundaries
census_tractCurrent Census Tract Boundaries
combine_nr_rdCombine Northern Rockies Regional Municipality with Regional...
delete_cacheView and delete cached files
ecoprovincesBritish Columbia Ecoprovinces
ecoregionsBritish Columbia Ecoregions
ecosectionsBritish Columbia Ecosections
fix_geo_problemsCheck and fix polygons that self-intersect, and sometimes can...
fsaBritish Columbia Forward Sortation Areas
get_big_dataDownload a large data file
get_layerGet a B.C. spatial layer
get_poly_attributeGet or calculate the attribute of a list-column containing...
gw_aquifersBritish Columbia's developed ground water aquifers
health_chsaCommunity Health Service Areas - CHSA
health_haHealth Authority Boundaries
health_hsdaHealth Service Delivery Area Boundaries
health_lhaLocal Health Area Boundaries
hydrozonesHydrologic Zone Boundaries of British Columbia
make_shortcutsMake shortcut functions for data objects in bcmaps from B.C....
mapsheets_250KNTS 250K Grid - Digital Baseline Mapping at 1:250,000 (NTS)
mapsheets_50KNTS 50K Grid - Digital Baseline Mapping at 1:50,000 (NTS)
municipalitiesBritish Columbia Municipalities
nr_areasBritish Columbia Natural Resource (NR) Areas
nr_districtsBritish Columbia Natural Resource (NR) Districts
nr_regionsBritish Columbia Natural Resource (NR) Regions
raster_by_polyOverlay a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame or sf polygons layer on a...
regional_districtsBritish Columbia Regional Districts
self_unionUnion a SpatialPolygons* object with itself to remove...
summarize_raster_listSummarize a list of rasters into a list of numeric vectors
transform_bc_albersTransform a Spatial* object to BC Albers projection
tsaBritish Columbia Timber Supply Areas and TSA Blocks
vrt_filesList the files that a vrt is built on
vrt_infoGet metadata about a .vrt file
watercourses_15MBritish Columbia watercourses at 1:15M scale
watercourses_5MBritish Columbia watercourses at 1:5M scale
water_districtsBritish Columbia's Water Management Districts
water_precinctsBritish Columbia's Water Management Precincts
wsc_drainagesWater Survey of Canada Sub-Sub-Drainage Areas
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