Man pages for bda
Density Estimation for Grouped Data

bdaBinned Data Analysis
bdeDensity Estimation for Binned Data
bemmixFit a Normal Mixture Model to binned data
binNGSBin NGS data
binningData Binning
compareCompare two or more samples
cusumCumulative Sum Control Chart.
DagumThe Dagum Distribution
DEGTestA test of DEG detection
edaExploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
EWDThe Exponentiated Weibull Distribution
fitLogNormalFit a log-normal distribution to (binned) NGS data
fitNGSFit a Normal Mixture Model to binned NGS data
fitWeibullTwo-parameter Weibull Distribution Maximum Likelihood...
FMKLGLDThe mixed normal distribution
GBdistGeneralized Beta Distribution
GBSmoothFitting GB
GLDFittingFitting FMKL GLD
gofGoodness of fit test
GWDThe Exponentiated Weibull Distribution
hhiMobile 2010 Household income
laplaceThe Laplace (Double Exponential) Distribution
lpsmoothnon-parametric regression
lpsvariancecompute the variance of the local polynomial regression...
lt50.logitPredict Doses for Binomial Assay model (using counts)
lt50.logitfitPredict Doses for Binomial Assay model (using counts)
medtestThe Sobel mediation test
MetaMeanTestTest Equal Means
mixnormThe mixed normal distribution
NGSNormalizeTo normalize a NGS profile using the mixture model method
NGSPermTestA permutation test for DEG detection
nmixCopulaFit a Bivariate Copula Based on Normal Mixture Model for NGS...
oddsratioOdds Ratio and Relative Risk
ofcoccipitofrontal head circumference data
ppowerCompute the power of an ANOVA-type test for proportions
ROCReceiver operating characteristic (ROC)
rsdataRobot surgery.
zroccipitofrontal head circumference data
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