Man pages for bda
Binned Data Analysis

binningData Binning
bootKDEDensity estimation for data with rounding errors
bootPROEffectiveness Evaluation based on PROs with bootstrapping...
dataBreastCancerBreast Cancer Data
dataFSDFirm size data
dataOFCoccipitofrontal head circumference data
dataPainPain data
distParetoThe Pareto distribution
EUFirmSizeFirm size data of 10 EU countries
fitFSDFitting firm size-age distributions
fitGBPDFitting Mixture Model of Generalized Beta and Pareto
fitLogNormalFitting log-normal distributions
fitParetoFit a Pareto Distribution to Binned Data
fnmDistribution of Two Finite Gaussian Mixtures
ImportFSDImport Firm Size and Firm Age Data
lpsmoothnon-parametric regression
lpsvariancecompute the variance of the local polynomial regression...
medtestThe Sobel mediation test
mixlnormThe mixed lognormal distribution
mixnormThe mixed normal distribution
PROtestTest effectiveness based on PROs
VASAlgorithms for Visual Analogue Scales
wkdeCompute a Binned Kernel Density Estimate for Weighted Data
ZipfDraw Zipf Plot
ZipfNormZipf Normalization
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