Man pages for beakr
A Minimalist Web Framework for R

BeakrBeakr Application class
beakr-packageA minimalist web framework.
corsAllow Cross-Origin-Requests
decorateDecorate a function for use in a web service
dot-matchPathRegex path query
dot-parseParametersParse the parameters passed by in the request
dot-randomNameInternal random name generator
dot-routeMiddlewareInternal function to add middleware to a Beakr object
ErrorError class
handleErrorsError-handling middleware
httpDELETEDELETE-binding middleware
httpGETGET-binding middleware
httpPOSTPOST-binding middleware
httpPUTPUT-binding middleware
jsonErrorJSON error function
listenListen for connections on a Beakr instance
ListenerListener class
listServersList all servers
MiddlewareMiddleware class
newBeakrCreate a new Beakr instance
pipePipe operator
RequestRequest Class
ResponseResponse Class
RouterRouter Class
serveStaticFilesFile-serving middleware
stopAllServersStop all servers
stopServerStop a beakr instance server
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