Man pages for beginr
Functions for R Beginners

bibCreate a bib file for R packages, including the citations of...
dfplotPlot a dataframe, multiple ys against one x
dfplot2Plot a dataframe, one y against multiple xs
errorbaradd error bars to a scatterplot.
list2asciiSave a list into an ASCII file. in: a list. out: a file.
lmdfcalculate linear regression between every two columns in a...
mf_skewnessCalculate the skewness of a distribution
nameEnhancement of names()
plotblankplot a blank figure
plotcolorbarA reminder for color bars. More palettes can be found in...
plotcolorsA reminder for colors
plothistPlot a user-customized hist
plotlmplot a linear regression figure and return a list of...
plotltyA reminder for lty
plotpairsplot pair-wise correlations. in: a dataframe. out: a figure.
plotpairs2plot pair-wise correlations with p value. in: a dataframe....
plotpchA reminder for pch
plotpkgplot daily download counts of packages
plottypeA reminder for type
readdirRead multiple tables into a list.
rpkgCreate a new R package demo folder
sestandard error
tapplydfa friendly version of tapply for dataframes
tapplydfva friendly version of tapply
writefilesave csv file with asking if the file already exists.
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