Man pages for benford.analysis
Benford Analysis for Data Validation and Forensic Analytics

benfordBenford Analysis of a dataset
benford.analysisBenford Analysis for data validation and forensic analytics
census.2000_2010Population data - US - 2000 and 2010
census.2009Population data of Towns and Cities of the US - 2009
chisqGets the Chi-squared test of a Benford object
corporate.paymentCorporate payments of a West Coast utility company - 2010
dfactorGets the Distortion Factor of a Benford object
duplicatesTableShows the duplicates of the data
extract.digitsExtracts the leading digits from the data
getBfdGets the the statistics of the first Digits of a benford...
getDataGets the data used of a Benford object
getDigitsGets the data starting with some specific digits
getDuplicatesGets the duplicates from data
getSuspectsGets the 'suspicious' observations according to Benford's Law
lakes.perimeterPerimeter of lakes arround the world
MADGets the MAD of a Benford object
MAD.conformityMAD conformity to Benford's Law using the MAD
mantissaGets the main stats of the Mantissa of a Benford object
marcGets the Mantissa Arc test of a Benford object
plot.BenfordPlot method for Benford Analysis
print.BenfordPrint method for Benford Analysis
p.these.digitsProbability of a digit sequence of a digit at the nth position
sino.forestFinancial Statemens of Sino Forest Corporation's 2010 Report
suspectsTableShows the first digits ordered by the mains discrepancies...
taxable.incomes.1978Taxable Income 1978
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