Man pages for bentcableAR
Bent-Cable Regression for Independent Data or Autoregressive Time Series

bentcable.arBent-Cable Regression for Independent and Autoregressive Data
bentcableARThe Bent-Cable Regression Package
bentcableAR-internalInternal 'bentcableAR' Functions AR(p>0) Diagnostics Regression for Independent or AR Data, With... Bent Cable AR(p) Fit Over Data Residuals and Innovations for AR(p>0) Bent Cable
cable.change.confConfidence Interval for CTP of AR(p) Bent Cable Bent-Cable Regression for Independent or AR Data
cable.linesOverlay Bent Cable On Existing Plot
fullcable.tEvaluate Bent Cable Function
is.stationaryStationarity Check of AR Time Series
sockeyeRivers Inlet Sockeye Abundance
stagnantStagnant Band Height Data Regression for Independent Data
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