Man pages for bestridge
A Comprehensive R Package for Best Subset Selection

bestridge-packagebestridge: A Comprehensive R Package for Best Subset...
bsrrBest subset ridge regression
coef.bsrrProvides estimated coefficients from a fitted "bsrr" object.
deviance.bsrrExtract the deviance from a "" object.
dukeDuke breast cancer data
gen.dataGenerate simulated data
gravierbreast cancer data set
logLik.bsrrExtract the log-likelihood from a "" object.
patient.dataLymphoma patients data set
plot.bsrrProduces a coefficient profile plot of the coefficient or...
predict.bsrrmake predictions from a "bsrr" object.
print.bsrrprint method for a "bsrr" object
prostateFactors associated with prostate specific antigen
SAheartRisk factors associated with heart disease
summary.bsrrsummary method for a "bsrr" object
trim32The Bardet-Biedl syndrome Gene expression data
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