Man pages for bibliometrix
An R-Tool for Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis

biblioDataset of "Bibliometrics" scientific documents.
biblioAnalysisBibliometric Analysis
biblio_dfDataset of "Bibliometrics" manuscripts.
bibliometrix-packageAn R-Tool for Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
biblioNetworkCreating Bibliographic networks
biblioshinyShiny UI for bibliometrix package
bradfordBradford's law
citationsCitation frequency distribution
cochrane2dfConvert a Cochrane Database Export file into a data frame
cocMatrixCo-occurrence matrix
conceptualStructureCreating and plotting conceptual structure map of a...
convert2dfConvert a Clarivate Analytics WoS, SCOPUS and COCHRANE...
countriesIndex of Countries.
dominanceAuthors' dominance ranking
duplicatedMatchingSearching of duplicated records in a bibliographic database
garfieldEugene Garfield's manuscripts.
Hindexh-index calculation
histNetworkHistorical co-citation network
histPlotPlotting historical co-citation network
idByAuthorGet Complete Author Information and ID from Scopus
isi2dfConvert an ISI WoK Export file into a data frame
isibib2dfConvert an Clarivate Analitycs WoS Export file into a data...
isiCollection"Bibliometrics" manuscripts from ISI WOS.
keywordAssocID and DE keyword associations
KeywordGrowthYearly occurrences of top keywords/terms
localCitationsAuthor local citations
lotkaLotka's law coefficient estimation
mergeDbSourcesMerge bibliographic data frames from SCOPUS and ISI WOS
metaTagExtractionMeta-Field Tag Extraction
networkPlotPlotting Bibliographic networks
networkStatCalculating network summary statistics
normalizeSimilarityCalculate similarity indices
plot.bibliometrixPlotting bibliometric analysis results
plotThematicEvolutionPlot a Thematic Evolution Analysis
pubmed2dfConvert a PubMed/MedLine collection into a data frame
readFilesLoad a sequence of ISI or SCOPUS Export files into a large...
retrievalByAuthorIDGet Author Content on SCOPUS by ID
rpysReference Publication Year Spectroscopy
scientometrics"Co-citation analysis" and "Coupling analysis" manuscripts.
scientometrics_text"Co-citation analysis" and "Coupling analysis" manuscripts.
scopus2dfConvert a SCOPUS Export file into a data frame
scopusCollection"Bibliometrics" manuscripts from SCOPUS.
sourceGrowthNumber of documents published annually per Top Sources
stopwordsList of English stopwords.
summary.bibliometrixSummarizing bibliometric analysis results
summary.bibliometrix_netstatSummarizing network analysis results
tableTagTabulate elements from a Tag Field column
termExtractionTerm extraction tool from textual fields of a manuscript
thematicEvolutionPerform a Thematic Evolution Analysis
thematicMapCreate a thematic map
timesliceBibliographic data frame time slice
trimDeleting leading and ending white spaces
trim.leadingDeleting leading white spaces
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