Man pages for bigGP
Distributed Gaussian Process Calculations

allocCreate Object with its Own Memory
bigGPPackage for Calculations with Big Gaussian Processes
bigGP.exitExit bigGP Environment
bigGP.initInitialize bigGP package
bigGP-metaInformation about the number and identities of the processes
calcDCalculate Partition Factor
calcIJCalculate Slave Process Identifiers
collectDiagonalReturn the Diagonal of a Distributed Square Matrix to the...
collectRectangularMatrixReturn a Distributed Rectangular Matrix to the Master Process
collectTriangularMatrixReturn a Distributed Symmetric or Triangular Matrix to the...
collectVectorReturn a Distributed Vector to the Master Process
distributedKrigeProblem-classReferenceClass for Distributed Components of the krigeProblem...
distributeVectorDistribute a Vector to the Slave Processes
getDistributedVectorLengthFind Length of Subset of Vector or Matrix Stored on Slave...
krigeProblem-classClass '"krigeProblem"'
localAssignAssign a New Name to an Object on Slave Process
localCalcLocal Calculation Functions
localCollectVectorLocal Distribution and Collection Functions
localGetVectorIndicesGet Indices of Vector or Matrix Elements Stored on Slave...
localKrigeProblemConstructMeanCalculate Mean Vector or Covariance Matrix on Slave Process
localRmRemove Objects on Slave Process
pullCopy Object from Slave Processes to Master
pushCopy Object from Master to Slave Processes
remoteCalcReturn a Distributed Vector to the Master Process
remoteCalcCholCalculate Distributed Cholesky Decomposition
remoteConstructRnormVectorCreate Distributed Vector or Matrix of Random Normals
remoteCrossProdMatSelfDistributed Crossproduct of a Rectangular Matrix with Itself
remoteCrossProdMatVecDistributed Crossproduct of a Rectangular Matrix and a Vector
remoteForwardsolveSolve a Distributed Triangular System
remoteGetIndicesDetermine Indices of Vector or Matrix Elements Stored on all...
remoteLsRemote List Objects
remoteMultCholDistributed Multiplication of Lower Triangular Matrix and a...
remoteRmRemote Remove Objects
SN2011feSN2011fe Supernova Dataset
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