Man pages for bigchess
Read, Write, Manipulate, Explore Chess PGN Files and R API to UCI Chess Engines

analyze_gameAnalyze game
analyze_positionAnalyze position
browse_eco_openingBrowse ECO opening
browse_openingBrowse opening
extract_movesExtract first N moves
FirstTwoMovesExample dataset
lan2sanMovetext conversion from LAN to SAN
n_movesCompute number of moves
player_profileCompute player profile
plot_tree_ecoPlot tree for a given tree ECO table
plot_tree_movePlot tree for a given tree move table
read.pgnReads PGN files into data frame
read.pgn.dbReads PGN files into database table
read.pgn.ffReads PGN files into ff data frame
san2lanMovetext conversion from SAN to LAN
stat_movesExtract statistics of moves
tree_ecoCompute ECO tree
tree_moveCompute tree for a given move
uci_cmdSending command to chess engine
uci_debugSending command debug for chess engine
uci_engineCreate an engine handler in R
uci_goSending command go for chess engine
uci_isreadyChecking if chess engine is ready
uci_parseParse GUI commands from chess engine
uci_ponderhitSending command ponderhit for chess engine
uci_positionSending command position for chess engine
uci_quitSending quit command to chess engine
uci_readRead current stdout from chess engine
uci_registerSending command register for chess engine
uci_setoptionSending command setoption for chess engine
uci_stopSending command stop for chess engine
uci_uciSending command uci for chess engine
uci_ucinewgameSending command ucinewgame for chess engine
write.pgnWrite PGN data.frames into file
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