Man pages for bigmemory
Manage Massive Matrices with Shared Memory and Memory-Mapped Files

as.big.matrix-methodsCreate a "big.matrix" from a matrix or vector.
as.matrix-big.matrix-methodConvert to base R matrix
attach.big.matrixThe basic "big.matrix" operations for sharing and...
big.matrixThe core "big.matrix" operations.
big.matrix-classClass "big.matrix"
big.matrix.descriptor-classClass "big.matrix.descriptor"
bigmemory-packageManage massive matrices with shared memory and memory-mapped...
deepcopyProduces a physical copy of a "big.matrix"
dim-big.matrix-methodDimensions of a big.matrix object
dimnames-methodsDimnames of a big.matrix Object
extract-methodsExtract or Replace
flush-methodsUpdating a big.matrix filebacking.
GetMatrixSizebig.matrix size
head-methodsReturn First or Last Part of a big.matrix Object
is.floatCheck if Float
is.float-numeric-methodIs Float?
length-big.matrix-methodLength of a big.matrix object
morderOrdering and Permuting functions for big.matrix" and matrix"...
mwhichExpanded "which"-like functionality.
mwhich-methodsExpanded "which"-like functionality.
ncol-methodsThe Number of Rows/Columns of a big.matrix
print-big.matrix-methodPrint Values
sub.big.matrixSubmatrix support
typeof-big.matrix-methodThe Type of a big.matrix Object
write.big.matrixFile interface for a "big.matrix"
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