Man pages for bigml
Bindings for the BigML API

bigml-packageR bindings for BigML API
createDatasetCreating BigML Datasets
createModelCreating BigML Models
createPredictionCreating BigML Predictions
createSourceCreating BigML Sources
deleteResourceDeleting BigML Resources
formEncodeURLA simple function to turn named arguments into a form-encoded...
getDatasetRetrieving a BigML Dataset
getModelRetrieving a BigML Model
getPredictionRetrieving a BigML Prediction
getSourceRetrieving a BigML Source
listDatasetsListing BigML Datasets
listModelsListing BigML Datasets
listSourcesListing BigML Sources
quickDatasetQuickly Creating BigML Datasets
quickModelQuickly Creating BigML Models
quickPredictionQuickly Creating BigML Predictions
quickSourceQuickly Creating BigML Sources
setCredentialsSet BigML API authentication credentials
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