Man pages for bigrquery
An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'

api-datasetBigQuery datasets
api-jobBigQuery job: retrieve metadata
api-performBigQuery jobs: perform a job
api-projectBigQuery project methods
api-tableBigQuery tables
bigqueryBigQuery DBI driver
bigrquery-packagebigrquery: An Interface to Google's 'BigQuery' 'API'
bq_fieldBiqQuery field (and fields) class
bq_projectsList available projects
bq_querySubmit query to BigQuery
bq_refsS3 classes that reference remote BigQuery datasets, tables...
bq_table_downloadDownload table data
bq_test_projectProject to use for testing bigrquery
dataset-depDataset API deprecated
DBIDBI methods
get_access_credGet and set access credentials
get_jobCheck status of a job deprecated
id-depTable/dataset objects deprecated
insert_extract_jobCreate a new extract job deprecated
insert_query_jobCreate a new query job deprecated
insert_upload_jobCreate a new upload job deprecated
list_datasetsList datasets deprecated
list_projectsList projects deprecated
list_tabledataRetrieve data from a table deprecated
query_execRun a asynchronous query and retrieve results deprecated
src_bigqueryA BigQuery data source for dplyr.
table-depTable API deprecated
wait_forWait for a job to complete deprecated
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