Man pages for bikedata
Download and Aggregate Data from Public Hire Bicycle Systems

bike_citiesList of cities currently included in bikedata
bike_daily_tripsExtract daily trip counts for all stations
bikedataDownload and aggregate data from public bicycle hire systems
bike_datelimitsExtract date-time limits from trip database
bike_db_totalsCount number of entries in sqlite3 database tables
bike_demographic_dataStatic summary of which systems provide demographic data
bike_distmatExtract station-to-station distance matrix
bike_latest_filesCheck whether files in database are the latest published...
bike_match_matricesMatch rows and columns of distance and trip matrices
bike_rm_dbRemove SQLite3 database generated with 'store_bikedat()'
bike_rm_test_dataRemoves test data written with 'bike_write_test_data()'
bike_stationsExtract station matrix from SQLite3 database
bike_stored_filesGet names of files read into database
bike_summary_statsExtract summary statistics of database
bike_test_dataTest data for all 6 cities
bike_tripmatExtract station-to-station trip matrix or data.frame from...
bike_write_test_dataWrites test data bundled with package to zip files
dl_bikedataDownload hire bicycle data
index_bikedata_dbAdd indexes to database created with store_bikedata
store_bikedataStore hire bicycle data in SQLite3 database
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